"I’m here to change the way you think about sunscreen. No longer is it a sticky, tacky, smelly mess that you put up with at the beach. It’s a feel good lotion, a refreshing makeup setting spray, your got-to-have-it mousse, that you’ll want to wear. Every. Single. Day." -Holly Taggard

After losing a close friend to skin cancer, Taggard promised herself that she would make a difference. She learned that the number one reason we don’t use SPF is because it doesn’t feel good on the skin. Not to mention that at the time (and still today), most formulas were full of controversial ingredients that no one should be putting on their largest organ (your skin!). You’d think that would be easy to fix, but it took her three years to create her first formula, and she's never stopped innovating since. Supergoops' goal is to go where no SPF has gone before, and to do it with the most clean, ingredient-conscious formulas out there.