Quizzing the Cake staff: Hannah

Name: Hannah

How long have you worked at Cake? Overall about 10 months! So close to a year.

Who is your style icon? I would say I have two major style icons. The first Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (they count as one). They are so effortless and oversized. Plus they love the classic black and white, which you can never go wrong. Then on the complete opposite side of fashion I am a huge fan of Gwen Stefani. There is no one that pulls of jeans and a tee like she can. Shes the definition of a casual cool girl. But she also knows how to dress up in the best of ways.

What is your favorite season for buying clothes? Fall x 1000. I love huge scarfs, sweaters, and layers beyond layers. At the beginning of fall you are able to rock a simple leather jacket. Then towards the end of fall you can throw a sweater under the jacket, and a coat over it. Fall can do no wrong.

What are a few of your favorite brands? I think it varies from day to day depending on my mood. Right now we just received some 10 Crosby by Derek Lam that I am completely obsessed with, its very girlie. But then some days I cannot get enough of the edginess from NSF or the simplicity of rag & bone and Vince.

What item is your “must have” for this season & how would you style it? This spring season my must have item is definitely distressed denim. Denim is huge right now from the frayed hemlines, to flares. This season my go to outfit has been my Frame lightwash Jeanne crop, simple white tee, rag&bone Newburys, with a hat. Lately I always have a hat on.

When you aren’t in the store what can you be found doing? I like to volunteer, most of my time with my Little Sister from Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah. Go kayaking, hiking, and just being at home with my family (the parental units, and Chihuahuas). I am almost always bent over a book, or watching makeup tutorials on YouTube, the real guilty pleasure.