Mother's Day gifting: Maison du Soir

I have such a new appreciation for womankind after becoming a mom. The amount of selflessness, hard work and dedication that's required to be a parent is awe-inspiring. I truly believe that being a mom is the most difficult and important job in the world- I look at the days that I go to work at Cake as my days off! So it's wonderful to be able to take a day to pamper the women in our lives and let them know how much their love and sacrifice are appreciated. 

We have a lot of gift ideas at Cake right now but my FAVORITE gifting item is our new pajamas from Maison du Soir. They are incredibly comfortable (so much so that you might be tempted to stay in them until lunchtime) but they are also incredibly chic (so it really doesn't matter if you do stay in them all morning!). We have several styles from which you can mix and match your preference- a tank top with a long bottom or a button up top with a cute matching short. My favorite combo is pictured below- the Stockholm button up top and the Jane night short. 

So hugs to all of you moms out there, we wish you a day filled with love and pampering! Happy Mother's Day!