Loungewear for the (stylish) crazy cat lady: MONROW

Our longtime staffer, Steffanie, was on the hunt for cozy clothes that didn't look sloppy. She stopped searching as soon as she tried on a pair of Monrow sweatpants and one of their second-skin tees. Read on to discover her love for one of the newest brands at Cake!

When I’m not working you can find me sitting on my couch with my cat, a good book, and baggy attire. Unfortunately, when I go to run errands I look like I am wearing my boyfriends clothes (which is not to be confused with wearing cute and trendy boyfriend jeans). Our newest LA based brand, Monrow, gives casual wear a whole new look that makes it easy to be comfy and still look put together.

Monrow has mastered the lounge look with their amazingly soft t-shirts that pair perfectly with their signature sweatpants. These sweats have the right amount of body hug but are still loose enough to be a comfortable fit. Not feeling sweats for summer? Try their drawstring shorts with a lightweight hoodie at night.

Come grab a few of these great pieces and get your relaxation on!